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Security has high security measures to protect its users against loss or unauthorized use of the information on which will be under the control of’s servers are protected by firewall technology type.’s servers also use secure information transmission technology "Secure Socket Layers" (SSL). At the time of the order, secure mode is enabled and all information transmitted to servers are encoded to protect its integrity and confidentiality during transfer. is committed to maintaining its hardware at the leading edge of technology to allow any time to perform secure transactions on its website. However, no security system is perfect and there is always a certain level of risk that personal information transmitted to be disclosed without fault on the part of and without its consent. disclaims all liability related to the fact that such confidential information could be disclosed, except for cases of negligence on the part of

Information gathered
In connection with the purchase of products, the creation of an account on the site, or when registering a contest, requires a name, address, email address, and when authorized certain other information. Wherever possible, provide the means to verify that the confidential information transmitted is accurate and current.

With the information collected, can open an account on behalf of the customer, process his order, join him in the event he won a prize in a contest, personalize his relationship with him and, if so authorized, provide, from time to time, information on new developments in a customized manner. would like to point out that its advertisers and partners do not have access to confidential information at any time. In addition, does not market its user lists. It will always be possible to require to no longer receive information on new products by sending a request to and even to unsubscribe from the list of users.

Cookies may use cookies in order to customize the use of the site and to gather information that establish traffic on the site and its pages. This information can be used to improve the service on Cookies are small text files that are stored on hard disk of the user based on some web pages. Cookies are harmless and in this sense, they cannot extract information from the hard drive of the user. It is possible, at any time, no longer be subject to cookies by modifying the settings on your Internet browser.

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